1. Shipping and Delivery
    es, Free shipping On All Orders over $75

  2. Where do you deliver?

    We offer next day delivery anywhere in F=five boroughs We also offer shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S., generally via UPS for smaller items. We can ship orders placed before 4:00 pm EST for next day delivery. 


  3. Why are items missing from my order?

    Sometimes we ship items from different locations. We have fulfilment centres across the U.S. and if the centre near you does not have a particular item, we simply ship from a different location. You only need to watch for a separate package, which on occasion, may arrive on a different day.


  4. I’ve waited, and I’m still missing items.

    Call us within 48 hours of receiving your shipment. Contact our our customer service department, and they will help you file a claim.


  5. What carriers do you use for shipping?

    For local deliveries, Court Street Supplies uses its own trucks and drivers. For other orders, we usually use UPS. Freight deliveries for large or oversized orders are shipped with a variety of carriers depending on region and size of order. Remember we are providing FREE SHIPPING.


  6. Why did I receive a different brand item as ordered?

    Our priority is getting you what you need on time. We use warehouses in over 30 facilities throughout the US, so we can guarantee next day delivery. Unfortunately items of a particular brand are sometimes out of stock and often we have an equivalent item in stock from a different manufacturer. Since our priority is getting you your on time, we will ship the equivalent, making sure it the substitute is at a minimum, a 100% equivalent.
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